Blog - May 2010

Its almost Xmas in July!

May 25 2010
Wow, how quickly this year has flown, and how busy I have been. If I did celebrate Xmas in July, it would only be some weeks away! Nellie & Me have recently launched their online boutique, and it's been a huge success so far- being Winter here in Australia, and having such a superb variety of boots and bags, its no wonder why! . Keep checking out the website as Nellie updates all the time, from quirky things that they love, to new must have products.
I also received my Amelias Anthology of Illustration book, which was so exciting! Here are some pics from their launch party in London, my friend Sonya and brother Guy from Integrate went along to support the book, and these are my illustrations!
I guess you are wondering what the Poo Power is all about. I created a pictorial logo of Poo Power to support my illustration on power generated from methane gas. It shows a girl sitting on the toilet reading Amelias Magazine and how the methane could be converted into clean energy! It was fun and I loved using lots of hand type and bold colours for this project!
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