Blog - June 2010

Hand Type Hysteria!

June 15 2010

Well.. I wish! 

Hand type and typography is what I love, aswell as lots of other things including magazines, books- and the Greville St Bookstore that will soon no longer be- the new Madame Flavour - Green, Jasmine & Pear tea made in Victoria (and their cute site), and the big fat chips at Hooked Seafood Eatery on Chapel Street... 

So alas! Lots more hand type illustrations in the HAND TYPE section, so have a look! If you know anyone who loves type, forward this on... 

New bespoke wedding invitation coming shortly. This gorgeous couple Ben and Tash have chosen Inglewood Estate as their rustic, intimate venue which looks gorgeous!

And just to say hello, feel free to email me your thoughts here:


Winter brings change

June 7 2010

Not only keeping in fashion, but the rewards from all design & illustration, editorial, branding, publishing, quirky briefs, are also what keep me inspired... so very open to all possibilities, and very excited.

Updates to my website will be coming soon!

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