Blog - March 2011

March oh March

March 26 2011

I always love March, the change of seasons, although typical all year in Melbourne.... I love Pisceans, and it signifies a quarter of the year gone by.. (Not that I ever really think that!)...I celebrated March with the first long weekend down near Wilsons Prom, with amazing friends and great food & wine. 

I have also been learning new things in my Art & Photography Program. Ceramics, Photography, Scuplture, Printmaking, Painting, 2D. It HAS been busy with a very busy year ahead, but so far managing my wonderful clients on some creative briefs and doing 'school' is fine :)

I must admit, I have alot of work to update on the site, and also will be working on creating a brand new spunky site soon! With all my work, including the really bespoke and personal invitations that I have been working on too. 

Please remember to see more updated news, you can visit my blog, or email me if you are after some more information.


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